I learnt more on this fellowship than I did in four years at University.

The best thing about the training was meeting people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives. It was amazing to learn from them and to form friendships.

The whole experience was fantastic, the accommodation and travel was well-organized and comfortable, the staff were helpful and friendly, and the training was expertly done.

I am from Baghdad, and I was able to really get to know Kurds for the first time through the training. It challenged my preconceptions, and helped me to see the diversity of opinion that exists in the Kurdistan Region.

I salute the trainer for his brilliant teaching style, and for the wide range of topics he covered with us.

The trainer was excellent, and the fellows worked as a team and we have developed friendships. We will not forget this program.

I had never met a Yezidi before this fellowship, and it challenged all my preconceptions – I realised how wrong I was about the community.

Through the training I came to understand why previous campaigns I had worked on hadn’t succeeded, and learnt new techniques.

The fellowship has given me a network of friends across Iraq. Now when I hear news about a particular province, I can message one of the other fellows to find out what is really happening.

The training sessions were great, and I am trying to put these strategies into practice. A great performance by the trainer.

I loved meeting new people who can make a difference to Iraqi society.