An Expert on Constitutional Law Gives a Lecture to the Fellows

The Fellows of ILF 2019-2020 took part in an interactive online discussion titled “The Iraqi Constitution: Merely Amendments or Fundamental Changes”. Considering the increasing demands happening lately about amending or canceling some of the Iraqi Constitution articles, the Iraq Leadership Fellows program hosted on January 31, 2020, Dr. Mustafa AlNaji, the Senior Researcher in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

Dr. Alnaji presented opening remarks about the common controversy about the Iraqi Constitution since the voting in 2005. The guest also talked about the plausibility of amending some of the articles, and elaborated on the role of the Parliamentarian Committee of Constitutional Amendments.

After that, the moderator Asia Al-Samaraie from the Political Candidate Track of ILF 2019-2020, presented the questions asked by the Fellows, which Mustafa Alnaji answered in detail.