Hudhaifa Al-Hasso

Hudhaifa Al-Hasso is a civil activist from the city of Mosul in Nineveh Governorate. Hudhaifa Al-Hasso works as a Volunteer with Us Foundation for Relief and Development and the Mosul Heritage Foundation in Nineveh Governorate in the capacity of a social researcher. He also works in the field of community outreach through educational images and influential initiatives in Iraqi society, as he publishes innovative educational images and out-of-the-box ideas on social media.  And on a large scale and take great resonance, especially the idea (the culture officer).  Hudhaifa Al-Hasso holds a high diploma in the field of peacebuilding in addition to certificates in the field of sociology. He seeks to achieve his goal of educating and educating the community through the initiatives he launches from time to time.  Hudhaifa Al-Hasso is participating in the Social Activist Track from the Iraq Leaders Fellowship 2023.